Bamboo Chopstick


Bamboo Chopstick

    The Chopsticks are made of 100% natural Mao bamboo by the delicate manufacturing process.

Our Bamboo chopsticks are good mouthfeel, smooth and clean without splinter and large sawdust.

    The HK-Bamboo chopsticks are strong, durable and perfect for picking up the food in any occasion

as you want from two types of our Bamboo Chopstick ; Round Chopstick and Twin Chopstick.



Bamboo Chopstick Details

Product Name

Bamboo Chopstick


100% natural  Mao bamboo




1. Round Chopstick

2. Twin Chopstick

Regular Size

[Diameter (mm) x Length(mm)]

7.0/7.5 mm X 21/23/24 cm

Or as customer requested

Product Feature

  • High quality
  • Smooth and clean
  • Splinter and large sawdust free
  • Sustainable and compostable
  • Convenient and eco-friendly
  • Good polishing and strengthens
  • Already separated


Pick up the food


AAA grade


As customer requested